Easy Emi Holidays



Easy Emi Holiday option rolled out by Colors Holiday offers the perfect solution of making your dream of travelling more often a reality, by taking the sting out of your travel expenses. Here’s everything you need to know about this payment option to be able to pack your bags and go whenever you want:

Eligibility Criteria
1. Net Income: Minimum Rs.15,000/-
2. Occupation: Salaried or Self Employed
3. Loan Amount: Min: Rs.5,000 to Max: Rs.10,00,000/-
4. Tenure: 3,6,9,12 & 15 Months
5. Down Payment: Min 20% of Tour Cost
6. Age Min:23yrs Max 58yrs

Note: Housewife, Student and any customer with no income proof is not eligible for loan.

Documents for Registration
1. ID Proof-Aadhar Card & Pan Card
2. Any Address Proof-Aadhar Card/Voter ID/Passport
3. Last 6 Months Bank Statement (Reflecting Salary/Income)

Once Pre-Approved We Need Following documents for Disbursal
A. Documents from Salaried Person
1. Last 3 Months Salary Slips
2. Cancelled Cheque
3. Company ID or Email
Note: In case customer does not have salary slips. We 
require latest offer or appointment letter.
B. Documents from Self-Employed Person
1. Last 2 Year ITR
2. GST COpy / Company Pancard
3. Cancelled Cheque

1. Who will be eligible to apply for EMI Option?

Only Indian Nationals/ guests residing in India will be eligible for applying for EMI Option.

2. Who will check the eligibility of the guest?
Sankash Representatives will check the eligibility of the guests based on the details filled and documents uploaded by guest.

3. Is this option applicable for all Tours irrespective of tour price?
Yes, EMI Payment option is applicable on all the Tours.

4. How much Down Payment does a guest has to make?
Minimum 20% of the Total Net tour price has to be paid as down payment by Cash / Cheque / Debit or Credit Cards / Net Banking to Colors Holiday.

5. Documents required for checking the eligibility?
Self-attested copies of – Bank Statements (6 months), PAN Card and Residential Proof.

6. What are the Interest Rates and Tenure of loan?
For the Month of July 2019, Interest Rates are as follows –
Tenure Rate of Interest
3 - 0%
6 - 0%
9 - 9%
12 - 12%
15 - 15%

7. Is there any EMI Calculator available?
Link to Calculate EMI - https://www.sankash.in/pctp

8. Is there any procession fee?
For the Month of July 2019, Processing Fees are as follows –
Total Tour Cost upto (Rs.) & Fees (Rs.)
>50,000 : 999
50,001-75,000 : 1,999
75,001-1,50,000 : 2,499
1,50,001-2,50,000 : 2,999
2,50,001-4,00,000 : 3,999
4,00,001+ : 4,999

9. Who shall collect the processing Fee?
Processing Fee shall be collected by Sankash Representatives directly from the guest.

10. Can a guest booking online opt for EMI Payment Option Plan?
Yes, the guest who books online can avail the EMI Payment Option as he need to file an online form of avail EMI option.

11. How much is the minimum and maximum loan amount a guest can avail?
Minimum: Rs. 10,000
Maximum: Rs. 10,00,000

12. If the Tour cost contains Forex Component, the Rate of Exchange (ROE) of which date shall be considered while calculating the Loan Amount?
The Date on which the Loan gets approved by Sankash shall be considered while calculating the Loan Amount.
If there is a difference between the rate at which Sankash approves the Loan and the Rate at which Sankash disburses the loan amount to Colors Holiday (TAT is T+2), then such difference shall be paid by the guest.

13. Is there any Flagging option on ITMS for the guests who opt for EMI Payment Option?
Yes, flagging system is available.

14. A guest who has already booked a tour and opted for mega discount avail the EMI Payment Option?
Yes, he can avail this Option.
If guest wants to convert to Jumbo, he can do so – Current Price and Current Jumbo will be applicable. This will be treated as new guest / new price / new discount.

15. Can a guest booking 15 days prior to Departure avail this option?
Guest can avail this facility for any tour depending on eligibility. Loan amount will be credited into our account within 2 working days.

16. Can a guest who has already booked a tour and availed discount convert his payment option to EMI Payment Option?
This can be allowed after consultation with Sankash Representative. (applicable case to case)

17. Can a guest who has booked a tour availing discount and also made payment for the same opt for EMI Payment Option? Can he be refunded and allowed to opt for EMI Payment Option?
No. In such case, the guest cannot opt for EMI Payment Option. No Refund will be given as payment is already done.

18. Is EMI Payment Option applicable on Special Discount / Group Discount / Part Loan?
Yes. This option is applicable on all the above stated options.
In case of Jumbo Discount EMI Payment Option is applicable as Sankash will reimburse the Total Tour Cost within 2 working days of Booking.

19. Can a retired guest avail this facility?
If the guest is found eligible by Sankash, he can avail the facility.

20. Is EMI Payment Option available for Personal Forex?
This facility is only available for Tour packages and not for services like Hotel, Visa, Air tickets and Personal Forex.

21. Whether Loan amount is inclusive of GST?
Yes, loan amount is inclusive of GST

22. Is convenience Charge applicable?
Guest opting for EMI facility will have to make a down payment 20% of their total net tour price by Cash / Cheque.
Balance amount Loan will be sanctioned.
Guest who is paying 20% down payment by Credit/Debit Card will have to bear 0.5% Convenience Charge.

23. What are the chances of loan rejection?
Loan rejection may happen if the CIBIL score of the guest is low or he does not meet the eligibility criteria set by Sankash.

24. Cancellation & Refund Process for guests opted for EMI Payment Option –
Cancellation shall be charged as per current cancellation policy.

25. Refund Policy: Colors Holiday shall deduct the Cancellation charges as per Colors Holiday’s cancellation policy and refund the remaining amount to Sankash.
Colors Holiday shall deduct the Cancellation charges as per Colors Holiday’s cancellation policy and refund the remaining amount to Sankash.